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Discover The 'Crack-Your-Own' Seafood Dining Concept In Dubai

Ever been to a place where the meal is not just served but served with an adventure? If your answer is no, then let me take you through a journey that spices up dining with fun and interaction right here in Dubai. It’s all happening at Aprons & Hammers, where dining is more than just eating; it’s a vibrant seafood experience you don't want to miss.

In a traditional restaurant, you order a seafood platter and get everything ready. All you got to do is eat and enjoy. That’s not how we work. We want you to enjoy the dining journey as much as the fresh and delicious seafood that our chefs cook for you.

So, to enhance your experience, we’ll give you what you might have guessed from our restaurant’s name, 'Aprons and Hammers’. Put your Aprons on and grab all the tools to cut those crabs, lobsters, and shrimp on your own. It feels like you have entered a seafood paradise where you unlock the hidden gems from the shells.

Thinking it's all about playing with your food? Well, there’s more. For those days when you’re not up for the seafood shenanigans, the menu boasts a variety of Asian and American-inspired dishes that cater to every mood. So, whether you’re in for the interactive seafood adventure or just a delightful meal with stunning views, Aprons & Hammers has got your back.

Ready to add a dash of excitement to your dining routine? Swing by Aprons & Hammers at The Beach in Jumeirah Beach Residence. Whether it’s for the interactive seafood bash or just a great meal with a view, we promise an experience that’s both delicious and delightfully different. See you there for some cracking good times!


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