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Dubai's Best Family Day Out: Chill & Grill on Aprons & Hammers' Terrace!

Hey there, families of Dubai! Are you scouting for that perfect spot where the kiddos can giggle away while you relax with a view? Look no further, because Aprons & Hammers has got your weekend plans sorted with our 'Chill & Grill' terrace extravaganza!


Nestled on a breezy rooftop, our grill is always fired up and ready to serve a feast that's sure to delight both the young and the young at heart. Our terrace isn't just any dining spot; it's a haven for family fun under the Dubai sky.

Why We're The Family Favorite:

  • Interactive Dining: Get hands-on with our signature seafood buckets. Kids love the thrill of donning an apron and cracking into our fresh catch.

  • Menu for All: With a spread that spans from kid-friendly bites to gourmet grills, there's something to tickle everyone's palate.

  • Space to Play: We've got the space for little ones to move around safely, making it a stress-free outing for parents.


Wondering about activities? Between the delicious bites, we've got little surprises to keep the youngsters engaged. And yes, our terrace is tailored for kid-friendliness, so everyone can dine with ease and a big smile.


So, what's it going to be? A lazy afternoon with sumptuous grills or a lively evening with the city lights? At Aprons & Hammers, we make every family outing memorable. Join us this weekend, where great food and great times come together on one amazing terrace!


And if you're still pondering what is the best family-friendly restaurant in Dubai or where can you find a family grill spot in Dubai – think no more. Aprons & Hammers is the name to remember for the best terrace dining experience in Dubai. See you on the terrace!


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