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Your Fun-Filled Beginner's Guide to Cracking Crabs & More!

Walking into Aprons & Hammers, you're not just stepping into a restaurant; you're embarking on a seafood adventure. Here's a beginner's guide to enjoying seafood, Aprons & Hammers style!

Step 1: Embrace the Ambiance

As you walk through the doors, the lively atmosphere welcomes you. It's not just about eating; it's about experiencing. Pick your table, and get ready for a feast that's as much about fun as it is about flavor.

Step 2: Suit Up for Seafood

At Aprons & Hammers, we take our seafood seriously, but not ourselves. So, roll up your sleeves and don your apron and gloves. Yes, you read that right! Here, eating is a hands-on experience, and we ensure you’re geared up for it.

Step 3: Dive into the Menu

Our menu is a treasure trove of seafood delights. From buckets of freshly caught crabs to juicy jumbo shrimps, every dish is a revelation. Not sure what to pick? Our friendly staff are more than happy to guide you through our array of options.

Step 4: Crack, Dip, Savor

Now comes the best part – eating! Grab your hammer and crack open that crab with gusto. Don't worry about the splatters; that's what the apron is for. Dip your seafood in our house sauces and savor each bite. Remember, at Aprons & Hammers, it's all about relishing the process.

Step 5: Enjoy the Journey

Eating seafood here is not just about the taste; it's an experience. It's about the laughter as you fumble with a lobster, the satisfaction of prying open a clam, and the joy of sharing this unique experience with friends and family.

So, whether you’re a seasoned seafood lover or a curious first-timer, Aprons & Hammers is the place to be. We promise you a seafood journey that’s as memorable as it is delicious. Come on in, and let the adventure begin!


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