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Aprons And Hammers: Your Fresh Seafood Odyssey at JBR Dubai

Seafood lovers, this is your call to action! If you're searching for a laid-back spot with fantastic seafood in Dubai, Aprons and Hammers has you covered. We bring seriously tasty seafood dishes straight to your table – all locally sourced and cooked to perfection by our awesome chefs.

Get those hands ready because things are about to get messy (in the best way)! We'll give you an apron, a fun little hammer, and our amazing menu. Time to dig into some deliciousness!

Dubai's all about those incredible experiences, and what better way to dive in than with fresh, flavorful seafood? There's no place that hits the spot quite like Aprons and Hammers – juicy, tender seafood seasoned with the perfect blend of spices and herbs.

If you've checked out Jumeirah Beach, you know there's no shortage of seafood places. But here's what makes us stand out: We've got American-style seafood with a special Dubai twist. Tasty seasonings, awesome drinks, and an atmosphere that just makes you feel good – that's what makes Aprons and Hammers a true seafood lover's paradise.

Start with some crowd favorites like our Prawns, Clam Chowder, Fisherman's Soup, or Pepper Clams. But the real star? Our Signature Paella! This dish is loaded with fresh seafood, veggies, and slow-cooked rice for a taste of pure Dubai deliciousness. We've got all the sides you could want along with some sweet treats for after the feast.

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