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Explore The American-Inspired Seafood Delights At Aprons And Hammers

Hello foodies! You must be tired from exploring all the beautiful places and different restaurants in Dubai - if you are craving a delightful culinary experience that includes lots and lots of seafood with refreshing drinks, Aprons and Hammers has got you covered. Your search for the best American seafood restaurant ends here. We are excited to bring American-inspired delicious seafood that’s super juicy and tender.

Start With Lobsters and Shrimp

The two absolute favorites of all seafood lovers, and we’re sure you’ll love it too, are lobster rolls and American-style Shrimp. We serve the shrimp with the heads and shells intact, just like they do in America.

With your favorite seafood sauces, this delicious seafood recipe will taste perfect on all occasions. Lobster Rolls is another one of our specialties. Served in a buttery bun, the soft and juicy lobster meat cooked with fresh herbs has an amazing aroma.

End Your Meal on a Sweet Note

Imagine this—you have just had a wonderful meal, and you are full. Our fresh seafood in Dubai was so satisfying, but you are so full that you can’t have another bite. But is that all? Aren’t you missing something? Well, a perfect meal ends with the right dessert.

At Aprons and Hammers, we believe dessert isn’t optional; it’s a must if you want to leave our restaurant fully satisfied. And with the variety our team is offering, we are sure you’ll have the best experience with us. If you want something simple, sweet, yet mouth-watering, give our sizzling apple pie and sizzling fruit platter a shot. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you will love our Chocolate Fondant and Hammertime Cake.


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